Council Meeting 21 July 2010

Thu, 2010-07-22 20:06 - 21:06

Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Apologies: John Ferlito

Present: Michael Carden, Lindsay Holmwood, Peter Lieverdink, Joshua Hesketh, Alice Boxhall, Elspeth Thorne


  • Accept minutes of Last Meeting
    Proposed: Michael Carden
    Seconded: Alice Boxhall
    The motion was carried unanimously
  • Status update on LCA2010
    Welling10 team are raising the daily transfer limit on their so payments can be made in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Report on LCA2011
    CFP is open! Need some promotion for miniconfs and postering session. Budget is being worked out.
  • Status update on LCA2012
    Nothing to report.
  • Report on PyCon AU
  • Status update on Linux Australia Store
    Offer shwag to SFD teams
  • Status update on Education Expo.
    Ping Patrick about the HOWTO
  • Status update on Survey.
    The report is a work in progress. When done, publicise the finding via some blog posts
  • Brendan Scott's project
    The council feels the paper provided is a good draft and suggests it be forwarded - pending a query about the chosen license - to the linux-aus list for general comments and will base a decision on the second stage of the project on the public commentary
  • Logo use for link on Tektopian website
    Sure, why not :-)
  • ITShare grant request
    Provide info on how a grant request works and ask for it to be sent to linux-aus.

General Business

Discussion of any items that provide relevant information to the council and which might generate motions for next meeting or new action items.

  • Shwag!
    Offer to SFD teams.