Council Meeting 7 July 2010

Thu, 2010-07-08 20:03 - 20:24

 Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Apologies: Lindsay Holmwood, Elspeth Thorne, Alice Boxhall

Present: John Ferlito, Peter Lieverdink, Josh Hesketh, Michael Carden,


  • Accept minutes of Last Meeting
    Proposed: John
    Seconded: Josh
    The motion is passed unanimously
  • Report on LCA2011
    CFP is imminent.
  • Report on PyCon AU
    Finalise outstanding payments. Need to sort out GST.
  • Status update on LCA2010
    LCA account in NZ will remain open. Last outstanding reimbursements are being rolled up.
  • Status update on LCA2012
    John sent formal notification of RFB.
  • Status update on Linux Australia Store
    Look at contingencies. Combine all storage in one location? Provide as shwag to SFD teams?
  • Status update on insurance
    All done.
  • Status update on accounting software
    Nearly all done. John will hand off to Josh soon.
  • Status update on Education Expo
    Josh to ping Patrick re OLPC invoice and an event report for LA, wiki page for event organisers.
  • Status update on Survey
    Alice and John will work on this coming saturday.
  • Brendan Scott
    Brendan has provided us a report. Council to read it before next meeting and discuss then.

General Business

Discussion of any items that provide relevant information to the council and which might generate motions for next meeting or new action items.