Council Meeting 5 May 2010

Thu, 2010-05-06 20:04 - 20:53

Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Apologies: Elspeth Thorne

Present: James Turnbull, Peter Lieverdink, Michael Carden, John Ferlito, Alice Boxhall, Lindsay Holmwood, Tim Ansell.


  • Accept minutes of Last Meeting
    Proposed: John, Seconded: Michael. Unanimously accepted.

  • Report on LCA2011. (Note email from Jessica Coates from Creative Commons Oz.)
    No LCA2011 team member present. John will call Shaun.
  • Report on PyCon AU.
    Update from Tim Ansell Going pretty well. Weekly meetings on tuesday. Have sponsors. Have PR person. Registration been open 2 weeks, Going well. CFP closed with 34 submissions. Programme hopefully out by next week. Half of early bird sold out.

  • Status update on LCA2012 bid documentation.
    Michael has updated the documentation on the wiki. Michael will attach the 2010 document. Peter will attach the 2008 document.

  • Status update on Linux Australia Store.
    Nothing to report.
  • Status update on insurance.
    Volunteers insurance is paid. Volunteers at all LA events are now insured. Association insurance is also paid. Ask the members for feedback on the offer from insurance company, after the survey. Events insurance is pending.
  • Status update on accounting software.
    Nothing to report.
  • Status update on Education Expo.
    Motion: To sponsor a medium size stand at the Education Expo and share this stand with OLPC Australia and provide funding for production of CDs and flyers.
    Proposed: John, Seconded: Michael. Unanimously accepted.
  • Status update on OSDC APs
    Will need the APs.
  • Status update on Survey
    James has finished his edits and drafted an email to linux-aus + LUG lists. Can be sent once other council members check survey as well.
  • LGM sponsorship
    Check whether LA can get a logo on the website and perhaps some LCA exposure in return for sponsorship.
  • auDA and the domain
    The council seeks community members willing to work on a formal submission.
  • Succession planning
    James will send a mail to linux-aus. 

General Business

  • LA Lugs
    John will document the process on what LA can offer lugs and how lugs can take advantage of it and send that to linux-aus.