Council Face to Face Meeting

Sat, 2010-03-13 20:25 - 21:20

Welcome and introductions

General discussion about aims and goals for the coming year and the relevancy of the organisation to the community. How can LA support the community? Community is split into advanced and beginners. LA could:

  • Support "Build your own computer" workshops.
  • Support barcamps.
  • Support women.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Document procedures.
  • Investigate expectations and determine a vision for the organisation.
  • be involved with more user groups that aren't LUGs. (Ruby on Rails, MySQL, php, Cocoa, Python, etc)

Contact with other organisations. OSIA? ACS?  Managing memberships.


  • Some financial details are left to mop up.
  • Shipping of relevant gear to be organised directly to Brisbane.
  • Will get more detail about shwag; eg: what there is and whether ELX wants to sell it.
  • Steve has online access to the Welling10 account.

The Welling10 team have engaged a NZ accountant to sort out accounts and will close the books and send money to AU. There may be tax implications.


  • General agreement from the council on the suggested smaller list of ghosts2010 attendees. Keep technical stuff away from ghosts. John will work on LCA budget with the 2011 team.
  • John to zero the 2009 bank account and give the 2011 team access
  • John to open a second "community" bank account for the even LCA years
  • It's probably a good idea to give the team bank tokens, so they need to be ordered

The councils task is to make sure things run smoothly. Make sure milestones are reached, but leave the LCA team to get on with it.


Bid process. What is the bid process? James expects a winning team to be able to put in a decent and good looking bid. Traditionally the documents haven't been published. The council will:

  • Set clear expectations for a bid document. Teams are expected to submit a public document and a confidential budget.
  • Formally announce the LCA bid timeline ASAP.
    • April: Create a list of expectations and draft budgets
    • May: Expressions of interest
    • August: Bid document submission deadline
    • September: Council questions, comments and bid city visits
    • October: Bidding teams are informed

Expressions of interest should be posted to the linux-aus list. The council will send the expectations and template budget documents to any teams that express interest. The council will include examples of best-practice bids.

Check whether Welling10 are happy to make their bid document public.

Finances and Budget

The tax office has refunded us around $9270.55. This is the original $14k we were due minus debit interest. This is still good, considering we did not receive gigantic late lodgement fines.

  • The GST is now up to date.
  •  Waiting for money from NZ.

AJ has been doing BAS. Banklink notes are sent at the start of the month. Code transactions and send back. Reports are delivered every 3 months.

  • AJ to send the "receipts bag" to Peter, to put into storage in Melbourne.
  • Peter to obtain bank token from Leah .
  • James to obtain bank token from Steve.

Future plans

Insurance: Our current policy with AAMI does not cover volunteers. John is getting quotes for new insurance. Has engaged insurance broker that was used by Pia in the past.

John would like LA to switch to an online service like Xero. This makes the lodgement of expenses easier. Current system in TRAC not necessarily understood very well by anyone but AJ :-) Xero is not open source, but then again, none of the decent accounting systems are and we would like one that just works.
Budget for LA and Grants

James and John will work on a budget for the coming year. The example from 2006 doesn't seem particularly relevant, have made modifications to it on the council wiki. Expected income is around 108k and the expected expenditure around $61k.
Perhaps run a mid-year LA Summit or SGM?

Find out what members want whilst there is a council that knows what's going on? Rather than there being an outgoing committee and a bunch of rookies.


Discussing current questions and making changes. We will probably need to get a NSW lottery licence.



Peter does updates. Josh is currently implementing new jobs system.

Re-theme the website. Maybe ask the community to create a pretty new theme for us.

Disable the contact form, instead list various lists and lugs on the contact page, as people seem to not understand "we don't provide tech support".


Is a mirror that offers Linux packages really useful to the community? All ISP have their own anyway. Ask the mirror team for statistics on usage. What is the cost to LA? What is the lifespan of the hardware?


Servers are plodding along, probably need new hardware. Considering moving to hosted VMs instead. Maybe sponsor Linodes for LUGs?


Meeting (hackathon) to be organised.

Sponsorship continuity for LCA

An LA sponsorship sub-committee to manage long term relationships with larger sponsors. Have a sponsor person on the LCA team for smaller/local sponsors.


Really? Remove this from the Drupal.


Currently managed on an ah-hoc basis. James offers to be grants liaison.


Alice has agreed to act as lugcomms liaison.

Media and Press

Training for the LA council and the LCA media contact. Doing PR and media releases.
Events coordinator?

Organise LA presence at various events and expos. Should we pay someone to fulfil this role? Do we have a budget?


John to have a chat with Jdub and Rusty.

  • Community recognition award: Council nominates candidates, luminaries choose
  • Community Member of the Year Award: Nominated by community (maybe 2/3 mths out from LCA) and luminaries choose
  • Council to find willing luminaries