March Meeting LOGIN

Physical Meeting

20th March 2012 @7:30pm


CSC Australia
11 Murray-Dwyer Cct
Mayfield West 2304

Welcome to the 4 new faces present

Presentations given: Quadcopter dangers - Gabriel Noronha and USB OTG with Nexus S Scott. Many thanks to those who take the time to present.

After presentations a meeting was convened for election of ordinary members to the subcommittee the follow have been added to the subcommittee pending approval of Linux Australia.
Steve Lindsay: - stephen.a.lindsay [at]
Ben Meroli :- 4melinux [at]

Steve has created a account on the Linux Australia website to enable him to add and edit reports. pending approval of Linux Australia of him to the subcommittee.

Unfortunately I waited too long to formally advise Linux Australia of the election and we'll have to wait until next month for them to be approved.

Next physical meeting scheduled for the 17th of April.

Gabriel Noronha

For subcommittee: