JDM2013 subcommittee report

The conference is now 10 days away.

Positives are:-
- Successful sponsorship $7.4K received out of $9.7K promised;
- Planning is going smoothly;
- Use of TryBooking booking system is brilliant!;
- Relationship with LA. Thank you!

Only one negative - our booking sales are slow - 51 paid bookings + 15 comps = 67. Income of ~ $5.1K. Previous experience with the Joomla community indicates they book very late. We have been phone canvassing last week & this week.

Major outstanding liabilities:-
- Swinburne uni for venue $3.2K;
- Catering @ $18/head/day for attendance > 46. At current numbers, $756;
- Tee-shirts $1962.

We'll break even, but without many more sales, it'll be tough.

Pete Nurse,
Convenor, JDM2013

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