IT SUPPORT ASSISTANT - Planet Innovation (Melbourne - Box Hill)

Part time entry level role for student or someone seeking transition back into the workforce.
(expected option to convert to full-time).
Most desktops are Windows :(
However, almost all backend services are Linux based (mostly Debian).
We use Samba4 instead of Windows for AD.
Around 250 users, including satellite offices.
Candidate should have experience with some of the following:
- Debian
- oVirt/KVM
- pfSense
- VMware
- Jenkins, Gerrit, GitLab, JIRA
- Experience supporting users
- Windows

We are very open source friendly, and there is a tendency to rely on in-house skills and open source tools rather than bloatware "enterprise" solutions.
It's mostly marketing fluff, but you can checkout our website here:
And apply here:
(I know it does not mention Linux - HR did not get the right info).
Send something to:
If you are having trouble with Seek.
Please get your applications in quickly - better a Resume and a quick email than waiting a couple of days for a perfect cover letter.

Let me know if you have any questions.