This page lists the grant requests that have been approved. You can view any of them for more details on the request. The grants process is outlined on the grants scheme page.

Title Support Approved Granteesort icon
BarCamp Geelong AU$ 500 9 Jun 2011 Kathy Reid
Support of Ubertweak Camp AU$ 350 12 Sep 2006 Elspeth Thorne
Attendance of Australia Computers In Education Conference AU$ 1,500 27 Jun 2006 Donna Benjamin
WordCamp Sydney 2012 Sub-committee 18 Apr 2012 Denise Teal
OSBN-SA Sub-committee 21 Jul 2003 David Lloyd
Software Freedom Day Canberra AU$ 150 15 Sep 2010 Canberra Linux Users Group
Drupal Down Under 2012 Sub-committee 24 Feb 2011 Brian Gilbert
Feasibility Report for Customer-Enforced Licence Compliance AU$ 3,000 3 Mar 2010 Brendan Scott
BarCampMelbourne 2012 Sub-committee 16 Apr 2012 Ben Dechrai
WordCamp Melbourne Sub-committee 27 Oct 2010 Anthony Cole