Final Report for WordCamp Gold Coast - November 2011

The organising committee of Lachlan McPherson, Bronson Quick, Dion Hulse, Brent Shepherd & Russell McCurdie are submitting their final WordCamp Report.

WordCamp Gold Coast came together to be a very successful event, with everyone attending and being involved very complimentary on all aspects of the camp.

The weekend began on Friday evening with a Speakers Dinner at Crust Pizza in Broadbeach. All but a couple of speakers (due to travel arrangements) attended. This gave speakers and the organising committee an opportunity meet each other in a relax environment which also created a great tone for the whole weekend.

The venue of Bond University also lived up to expectations with the quality of facilities, food and the service by staff.

There was one disappointing aspect and that was in the area of the video recording of presentations on the Saturday. No storage facilities were supplied by the video company supplying video services. This resulted in the video footage from most of Saturday being lost.

All speakers stepped up to the WordCamp level of quality presentations over the entire weekend. It was felt that there was a good mixture of low tech and high tech sessions, which suited all attendees. The camp was started with and finished with two very stimulating and thought provoking content.

With approximately 143 attendees the organising committee were very happy with the interest shown in WordCamp.

All sessions meet the schedule timing and flowed well which gave WordCamp a strong sense of a well organised event.

The organising committee were very happy when by lunchtime on the Saturday, WordCamp Gold Coast was rated as number 10 (ten) on twitter in Australia.

Socially, WordCamp Gold Coast conducted two social functions on Saturday and Sunday evenings which also were very successful. It was great to see attendee mixing and sharing there experiences, fun and a lots of laughter. These functions also created many new friendships across the WordPress community.

This event spurred the New South Wales attendees on to look at the possibly of organising a WordCamp in 2012.

The organising committee would like to thank Linux Australia for all the assistance they have provided to make to WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 a resounding success.

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