Technical Assistants - Dr. D Studios - CG Feature Film - Happy Feet 2 - Sydney - Short Term Contracts - Start ASAP

Dr. D Studios are searching for talented entry level and junior level candidates to join our team as Technical Assistants across a variety of department.

Dr D Studios is the Sydney based digital production company created by Academy Award winning producers George Miller and Doug Mitchell in partnership with Omnilab Media Group. We are currently in production on the CG animated feature, Happy Feet 2.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a large established studio, work on a CG feature film, and increase your skill set and understanding of a feature pipeline.

The role is ideal for candidates interested in pursuing a career as a Technical Director.

We are interested in candidates with some generalist experience in CG and/or degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.

Please apply if you have the following skills:
• Basic grasp of 3D concepts and package (ideally Maya and Houdini)
• Some knowledge of Python, preferably also C, C++, MEL.
• 1 – 2 years experience in production is desired
• Familiarity with Unix/Linux operating systems
• Problem solving abilities and self motivation
• Good communication skills
• Willingness to learn, take direction and assist others
• Ability to prioritise tasks and work efficiently in a fast paced environment
We have TA roles available in the following areas. Please indicate with your application which area you would like to be considered for.
• Story
• Animation
• Motion Capture
• Crowd
• FX
• Stereo
• Lighting

Find out more about Dr D Studios here,
To apply, please email a cover letter and C.V./resume to

Please note this is a full time short term contract. Candidates must be Sydney based with full Australian working rights, either Australian / NZ citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or on a working holiday visa.