Senior Linux System Administrator - is a high-traffic financial betting website hosted on a network of servers distributed worldwide and serving clients from over 100 different countries on a 24/24 basis. The website has annual betting turnover in excess of US$ 100 million. Our System Administration Department is responsible for designing and operating our global office networks as well as our high-end, high-traffic production IT infrastructure. Its responsibilities include hardware and software deployment, up-time and reliability, scalability, monitoring and incident response, security, intrusion detection, load balancing, CDN deployment, PCI compliance, as well as compliance with the IT requirements laid down by the gaming regulators in Malta and the Isle of Man.

The role: Senior Linux System Administrator

Being part of our Linux System Administration team means that you will be responsible for our IT infrastructure worldwide. You are an absolute Linux Guru, intimately familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Linux Operating System, but you also have the maturity to see the 'bigger picture' in terms of the IT operations of a global e-commerce company.

Technical requirements:

- Experience and enthusiasm for Linux and open-source projects such as Apache, mod_proxy, mod_perl, Squid, Bind, DHCP, iptables, Postfix
- Experience with virtualization (openvz / Xen).
- Experience with hardware and software firewalls, intrusion detection, security, DDoS protection.
- Experience with TCP/IP networking, VPNs, IPSEC, VOIP, Asterisk, SIP.
- Experience with bash scripting, as well as some experience with scripting languages such as Perl and PHP.


- Translate the ongoing business needs of the company into a suitable IT infrastructure, in team collaboration with our COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).
- Software and hardware deployment and management of our worldwide network of servers, as well as our office networks in Malta and Malaysia.
- Monitoring and incident response for our production servers for performance and stability, and taking proactive and reactive measures to correct and improve these.
- Security, intrusion detection, DDoS protection, PCI compliance, of all our deployed servers.
- Disaster planning and recovery.
- Working closely with the IT Development team to meet their requirements in terms of hardware capacity, scalability, reliability, as well as providing them with adequate development environments and staging/testing environments.
- Working with our Quantitative Analysis team (financial mathematics team) to provide them with the computational and simulation platforms that meet their requirements.

The location is Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
We have employees from all over the world and provide relocation as
well as the necessary work permits for successful applicants.

To apply please email