Research Engineers, ERTOS in NICTA

Hi folks,
Here at NICTA in the embedded, real time and operating systems
group we're looking for intelligent hard-working people who want
to advance human knowledge by working on cutting-edge systems.

The idea is that if you think you *may* want to go onto a higher degree,
come and work with us. You'll get to work with a top-class
team, doing things that have the potential of real impact in the
way we develop system software. You'll get to participate in
research that leads to publication not only in great community conferences
like LCA and Usenix, but also in top world scientific conferences such
as SOSP, OSDI, and Eurosys.

You'll have the opportunity to work on cool new gear, and the consequent
frustration of working on buggy hardware with a buggy toolchain.

We work on linux virtualisation on ARM, x86 and other hardware; on non-linux systems software based on seL4 (the world's *only* formally proven and useful microkernel), and on power management. Poke around our website for more details --- to a certain extent you can choose what you're interested in.

See for more details, or get in
touch with me: peter DOT chubb AT nicta DOT com DOT au