National Archives of Australia - Contract Development work

The National Archives of Australia has a digital repository that preserves government records that are generated in digital form. The preservation process requires a pre-emptive obsolescence strategy of converting files in closed formats, like the Microsoft Word document format, into open formats based on patent-free open standards, like Open Document Format (ODF). This is what occurs using our current in-house developed Xena software platform ( ).

The Archives requires an automated quality assurance mechanism that compares an input Microsoft Word document to the same document converted to ODF. The aim is to produce a set of numerical results that quantify how successful (or otherwise) the process of converting a document from Microsoft Word format to ODF is, based on the attributes of the document. The Product will be integrated into the Xena product through the Interfaces described in this RFQ.

We are after Java, Python or potentially other open source developers to contribute work for intergration into the GPLv3 licenced Xena product. Experience in Open Document Format and automating tasks would be highly regarded.

Work will start soon after the close date of 15th March 2011 (11:01am EDST) and will be required to be delivered before 21 June.

This is contract work and the payments will be outlined in your submission.

The work can be performed anywhere as the National Archives will not be providing a development environment.

Full details on scope of work and how to apply available at URL:

Any questions contact "Chris Smart <>"