LINUX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR ( Telecommuting Casual Contractor)

We are currently seeking an informal hourly "on demand" arrangement with an experienced Linux systems administrator. We have custom built applications for payment, billing, call placing and establishing conference calls through SIP using the PJSUA library.

You need to be available to respond to automated service alerts when there is a problem. You need to be able to quickly identify the problem and rectify the situation, this includes program failures and bugs as well as securing the system from intruders and deny of service attacks.

You should also be able to pinpoint any performance bottlenecks and suggest appropriate hardware upgrades or scale up the system across servers. You would also need to perform system upgrades and manage system backups.

You need to be intuitive and autonomous to handle the tasks. You need to have good experience how to retrieve relevant new information about any problem.

This is a casual telecommuting position.

*Required Skills*

Demonstrated experience in maintaining sophisticated systems, other than just basic store/retrieve information systems

Strong understanding of the IP world on protocol level

Some insights into deeper level of the major services: http, dns, ...

Configuring apache

Using iptables

Understanding system performance variables

Having experience in using a combination of standard Linux tools to solve ad-hoc problems

Lots of experience with troubleshooting daemons and applications.

Knowledge of the template concept (separating logic from presentation)

Some Python programming knowledge

Some PHP programming knowledge

Relational database management knowledge and data abstraction into objects

"Nice To Have Skills but not required"

Experience with version control system

Knowledge about the Hessian protocol

Knowledge and understanding of the SIP protocol

Experience with the PJSIP project

Please send resume to