Linux & Free Pascal support

COMPANY LOCATION: We are located in Surry Hills (Sydney) about 5 minutes from Central Railway.
CONTACT : Please initially phone Maurice Howe on 02 9212 6399

COMPANY DETAILS: A stable small/medium sized company in business for about 30 years, and has always operated under Unix or Linux (theses days, only Linux). Our business specialises in software that creates documents that relate to the creation and re-structuring of companies and trusts, and our clients (which number about 4,000 firms) are generally accountants or solicitors. Most of the programs and scripts we have developed over the years are used internally only, and others are available free to our clients as an exercise in encouraging greater use of linux in businesses.

POSITION DETAILS: We would like to develop a long-term relationship with a programmer experienced with installing linux on new computers (we currently use Fedora, but are flexiblle). There is also ad-hoc work with Free Pascal (which would suit someone with Delphi or Lazarus experience). NICE BUT NOT ESSENTIAL would be some experience with or interest in Postscript .

PROSPECTS: We believe that we are a good model for how a business can successfully use the Linux environment instead of Windows, and the successful applicant will find working with it, even if only on a regular ad-hoc basis, interesting and stimulating. We are prepared to make space in our office available free and from which the applicant could service his/her other clients. We have done this before and it can result in many of our own clients using the same programmer we use.

REMUNERATION: Needs to be discussed, but please note that we are quite flexible.