Data Operations Lead - Dr. D Studios - CG Feature Film - Happy Feet 2 - Sydney - Short Term Contracts - Start ASAP

Dr D Studios is the Sydney based digital production company created by Academy Award winning producers George Miller and Doug Mitchell. We are currently in production on the CG animated feature, Happy Feet 2.

We are seeking a highly motivated senior team member to fulfil the role of Data Operations Lead, overseeing the usage of the centralised network storage at Dr D. and coordinate data transfers to and from the production.

It is expected the Data Operations Lead will develop and maintain key relationships with the Render Operations, Artists, Production Managers, Engineering, and Service Delivery teams.

• Track BlueArc storage usage and forecast trends to assist production determine their requirements
• Ensure data is protected through snap-shots, mirroring and LTO back-ups
• Ensure LTO, robot tape libraries, Bacula backup systems and CentOS backup servers are operational
• Restore data from BlueArc snap-shots, archives, backups when required by production
• Implement BlueArc data migration polices to slower storage based on measurements of productions usage.
• Oversee archiving via Bacula of data from live file systems in order to free up space for newer production data
• Liaise with team to devise systems to monitor, report, control and maintain BlueArc storage infrastructure
• Perform quality control (ensure data integrity) checks on incoming and outgoing data
• Enforce productions NFS security requirements to limit or allow access to data for specific users or groups
• Maintain and keep up to date technical documentation of Data Operations procedures
• Collate storage utilisation data and report to Render and Data Operations Manager
• Liaise with the Render Operations team to ensure sufficient space for renders
• Provide on-call support to Render Operations team after hours

The key measures of success for this role will be:
• Development and maintenance of documentation of Data Operations procedures
• Organisation and consistency and "cleanliness" of production file system
• The number of repetitive manual tasks and processes that have been successfully automated
• Efficiency of policing of storage usage and enforcement of security ensuring backups complete successfully.
• Ensuring there is always enough disk space and renders are able to complete

Skills required:
• Ability to shell and python script
• Methodical/ detail oriented
• Ability to multi-task
• Ability to prioritise requests with competing deadlines
• A passion for establishing processes and a commitment to continuous self improvement
• Degree (Comp Science/Eng/Software/Eng ideal) or equivalent with good results in 2nd/3rd year programming/computer subjects OR
• Relevant industry experience (IT/Data Ops)
• Experience with CentOS or Redhat Linux servers
• Experience with BlueArc storage servers
• Ability to troubleshoot issues with LTO hardware and Tape Robot Libraries
• Experience with Bacula backups software
• Ability to diagnose issues with NFS and CIFS network file systems from both client and server
• Ability to track and log tape archives, and manage inventory of off-site tape repositories

Find out more about Dr D Studios here,
To apply, please email a cover letter and C.V./resume to
Please note this is a full time short term contract. Candidates must be Sydney based with full Australian working rights, either Australian / NZ citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or on a working holiday visa.