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Hi There
I know this is very last minute, but this is just a quick email to ask if it might be possible to get Linux Australia's support for Barcamp Gold Coast that is happening this weekend at Bond University. I normally have no trouble getting sponsors for these events, but this time around it's been very quiet and all the people I usually ask seem to be ignoring me :)
We don't usually have events of this size on the Gold Coast (Brisbane ones are much bigger) - this will be the biggest Barcamp yet, so I'm really keen to make this a success.
We are currently short of money for catering. We have been donated some really excellent facilities from the University - but one of the conditions of the particular rooms we chose was that we had to use their caterers which are quite a bit more expensive than our usual fair. The current food bill is around $700 (already cut down from $1500 by removing tea/coffee throughout day and other drinks and extras).
Anyway - would be great if LA could help out here in the form of a small grant, if not - that's fine too. In return I am happy to put LA logo on the website and say a few words about the work of Linux Australia at the start of the day. We will probably have some Linux show-and-tell's going on throughout the day too if I have anything to do with it :)
If any members are interested in sponsoring instead/also - I'm all ears. If I have extra money I can add the drinks back in and not have to go around with the collection tin :)
Also - feel free to pass onto any Gold Coast friends you might have.
Steve Dalton
AU$ 200
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Thursday, 31 March 2011
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