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I am Zach Miller.

I'll be attending the conference from G Media in Fitzroy/Melbourne. I am the Lead Programmer/Architect of our growing Web Development team. We've maintained our own custom PHP-based Content Management System since 2004 and are now in the process of massively improving upon it.

With its small agile team of 3-5 Web Developers and Designers, G Media’s web applications receive over 10 million hits per day (130 hits per second), deliver about 3TB of data per day, serve a customer base of hundreds of thousands, and support a young and creative workforce that is 40 people strong.

We're hiring PHP coders at the moment and I'd be happy to meet anyone who is interested in discussing the positions available.

Some cool stuff I know how to do:

  • Serve web pages as XSLT-styled XML which is transformed at the client side to xHTML.
  • Write Apache modules in C++
  • Connect linux boxes to a Windows Active Directory
  • Efficiently serve any byte range from a dynamically defined ZIP file where the constituent files that make up the ZIP are distributed randomly across many servers and are themselves dynamically modified on the fly without ever creating a temporary ZIP file on disk or even accessing those constituent files that aren't part of the requested byte range.
  • Write Python plugins for Trac
  • Insert dynamic watermarks into image and video files on the fly.
  • Convert xHTML+TAL to cross-browser compatible XSLT.

Some places you can find me online:

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