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Monday Jan 19th evening. Meet at main organising desk at 7pm.

Wiki editors, wikignomes, wiki devs and wiki fans, come along for some chat + dinner, and much overuse of the word "wiki".

You can also come and meet the new President and VP of Wikimedia Australia. (We will also have a stall at Open Day so don't feel rushed.)

Who's attending? (You don't have to RSVP here but it's good to know if we should wait for you if you're coming late...)

  • Brianna Laugher
  • Liam Wyatt
  • Jessica Coates
  • Angela Beesley
  • Tim Starling
  • Nic Suzor
  • Claudine Chionh (staying in Glebe so would prefer not to be stranded late at night in Sandy Bay without transport)
  • Charles Gregory
  • Karl Goetz (have to confirm)
  • Michael Dale

Dinner location suggestions (note we are still meeting at the rego desk, but these are just ideas to ponder):

(see also for possible non-LCA-attending attendees)

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