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Car rental may be needed to reach much of Tasmania. The major inter-city public transport is offered by Redline and Tassielink buses. There are no passenger train services in Tasmania.

Half-day trips, close to Hobart

Mt Wellington

There are lots of great walks close to Hobart. Mt Wellington would be a good start, walks range from 2 hours to 5 hours, with varying levels of climb.

For Day trips, short drive:

Douglas-Apsley National Park

2 hours drive out of Hobart, no idea about how long any walks there are (Close to Wineglass Bay, closeish to St Helens).

Wineglass Bay

2 hours out of Hobart, plus maybe an hour's walk to get to the Bay -- I've done the walk, it's quite worthwhile to go right around Freycinet Peninsula, it's more like a day walk if you want to do that. (Close to Douglas-Apsley, closeish to Port Arthur)

Port Arthur

1 hour out of Hobart, definitely worth going to (and quite easy to get to) (Closeish to Wineglass Bay)

Mt Field

Is 1 hour out of Hobart, and has walks ranging from 20 minutes to 6 hoursish, plenty of nice waterfalls to see, if you like waterfalls.

Huon Valley, Southern Forests (Hartz Mountain & Tahune Airwalk), and Hastings Caves

You can get to Hastings in ~90 minutes, and are quite worth visiting (quite pretty caves), the Hartz Mountain National Park has some reasonably-lengthed walks, which you may enjoy. There are also plenty of fruit farms on the way (near Huonville) which will sell you apples or cherries for a decent price -- cherries in particular are in season at the moment, and so if you buy those, they'd be practically straight off the tree.

Overnight-2 night Stay:

Strahan/West Coast

4 Hours out of Hobart, plenty of things to see there -- the Wilderness Railway and any Cruise up the Gordon River are particularly worthwhile.

Bay of Fires

3-4 hours out of Hobart, apparently very good -- Lonely Planet reckons so, anyway! (Closeish to St Helens)

St Helens

3ish hours out of Hobart. (Closeish to Bay of Fires)

Seven Sheds Micro-Brewery, Meadery and Hop Garden

(Railton, half-hour south of Devonport)
Worth visiting if you're in the area.

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