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Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session

  • Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session (UpDNS)
  • Thursday, 22 January 2009, 6:30PM
  • Cost: $5 for food and soft drink
  • TUU Refectory Steps and Uni Bar
  • Alcohol available (at cost) from the Uni Bar.

The UTAS Computing Society (TUCS) invites all unprofessional LCA delegates (that is, Student/Concession or Hobbyist ticket holders) and TUCS Members to the TUCS Unprofessional Delegates Networking Session (UpDNS), to be held at the TUU Refectory Steps on campus at UTAS on Thursday at 6:30 PM (after conference close for the night). The cost for the evening will be $5, this will include food and soft drink.

If you want to consume alcohol, the TUU have kindly agreed to open the Uni Bar, which will remain open for as long as it makes sense for them to do so (i.e. as long as drinks are being purchased and as long as staff are willing to stay there). The Uni Bar itself is licensed, as may be some area around the bar, which will be clearly marked at the event: to make the evening as pleasant as possible, we request that you do not remove alcohol from the licensed area.

In order to aid our purchasing, please register yourself on this page. In particular we would like you to inform us if you require vegetarian food, or if you have any specific dietary requirements.

We look forward to seeing you there.

--Christopher Neugebauer, President of TUCS, The UTAS Computing Society


So that we have a vague idea of numbers and what we need to purchase, please list your name if you intend on attending, via the EDIT feature above. If you require vegetarian food, affix a (v) on the end of your name, if you have even more specific dietary requirements, please list them.

  1. Thombass
  2. Christopher Neugebauer
  3. Michael Ford
  4. Jess Clarke
  5. Jess Lethbridge
  6. Nic Wittison
  7. Paris Buttfield-Addison
  8. Jon Manning
  9. Andrew Bennett
  10. Adam Harvey
  11. Norman Heckscher
  12. Hadley Rich
  13. Adam Ashley
  14. Hamish Taylor
  15. Dale Leighton
  16. Hal Ashburner
  17. Jason Nielsen
  18. Tim Serong
  19. Josh Deprez
  20. Tomos Lelong
  21. Matthew D'Orazio
  22. Greg Darke
  23. Aeriana
  24. David Claridge
  25. Jeremy Apthorp
  26. Paul Wise (v)
  27. Andrew Sands
  28. Thomas Karpiniec
  29. Zac Shenker
  30. Jacinta Richardson [v]
  31. Angela Beesley [v]
  32. Tim Starling
  33. Peter Vesely
  34. Rob Weir
  35. Mathew McBride
  36. Monica Wood
  37. Blake Burgess
  38. Reece Sheppard
  39. Horatio Davis
  40. Luke Weston?
  41. Geoff Verdouw
  42. Karl Goetz
  43. Devdas Bhagat
  44. Kath Matthews
  45. Robyn Willison
  46. Paul Shirren
  47. Robert Collins
  48. Michael Davies
  49. Sam Spencer
  50. Mark Wallis
  51. Ian Munsie
  52. Matthew Franklin
  53. Darren Moore
  54. Gary McMurtrie
  55. Matthew McMurtrie
  56. Tony Brown
  57. Scott O'Hara
  58. Bede Mudge
  59. Gordon Condon [v]
  60. Ben Sinclair
  61. Jeremy Murphy
  62. Grant Petch
  63. Daniel Harmsworth
  64. Dan Tyrrell
  65. Mark Ellem
  66. Daniel Black
  67. KimHawtin
  68. Nathanael Clarke
  69. Aleksander Budzynowski
  70. Cameron Tudball
  71. Josh Stewart
  72. Lance Burns
  73. Drew Cosgrove
  74. James Henstridge
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