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LCA 2009 Problem Corner

Do you have a problem you think others at the conf might be able to help you with? List it here, and add a link to your wiki page with more details.

Help seekers

MitchDavis wants to:

  • Know more about Linux support for SNA.
  • Know how to get Half-Life 1 running under Wine.

plantain wants to:

  • Get his Novatel EV620 HSDPA 3G card working.

Mark Wallis wants to:

  • Get his microphone working on his eeePC 1000H under Ubuntu if anyone else has one here and working. Solution found. Information on my blog here

Thomas wants to:

  • Get things like Bazaar revision numbers automatically included in OOo files

Greg Banks wants to:

  • Get NetworkManager to notice that there are new WiFi networks to connect to more promptly after resume.

GeorgePatterson wants to:

  • Prevent the driver for the Intel 4965 wireless chipset from hanging his HP 550 when re-associating with an AP.

shirro wants:

  • iwl3945 send performance fix

David Claridge wants to:

  • have pommed and synaptics working on Fiesty Fawn at the same time.. at the moment they seem to be mutually exclusive! :-(
  • have his laptop not fall over when coming out of hibernate-ram

madduck wants to:

  • Fix the forcedeth driver so that it doesn't die spectacularly when I try to shove IPv6 traffic onto the wire ( A test machine is available.

TimAnsell? wants to:

  • Help fixing all his Ubuntu bugs -
  • Fix touchpad support after suspend
  • Cross compile windows executables on Linux.
    - I (JonathanWoithe) have a script which creates a win32 cross compiler environment based on mingw - grab it from (temporary location). It should be self explanatory, but email me if you want further details. It's also possible to use this environment to compile against win32 dlls for which you have no source - again, email me if you want more info. I use this to compile high speed data acquisition programs which use hardware which has no Linux support.

Flame wants to:

  • Install OpenWrt on the ASUS WL-520GU Router in his car
  • Display streaming video on a web page in Seamonkey from a USB webcam.
  • Find David Rowe to talk about electric cars

Greg Darke wants to:

  • Get linux (debian live specifically) to boot from a usb stick on a macbook, preferably: without modifying the macbook, and still being able to boot from the same usb stick on a non-efi machine

JonathanWoithe wants to:

  • know why OpenOffice.og 3.0.0 causes Xorg to emit messages about "doodads" to stdout. Thanks to various people at PDNS: a doodad is something on the keyboard which is not a key or a geometry. The messages are harmless. We have started to look into the possibility of eliminating these messages.

PaulWayper wants to:

  • Work out why LMMS is segfaulting on load and get it working normally. This probably doesn't require any specialised knowledge of LMMS, just an ability to read a backtrace.

BriannaLaugher wants to:

  • figure out why open/save-file dialogues in XFCE (Xubuntu 8.04) recently started showing "dot" directories (like .ssh), making the number of directories in my homedir an unmanageably long list. thanks Adam Jenkins - if you right-click on such a dialogue, there is an checkbox to show hidden files.
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