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The Shirren Family

Contact Paul

  • Email:
  • IRC: shirro on
  • Mobile: 0431 323 565

Contact Rachel

  • Email:
  • IRC: racs on


  • Accomodation: Some dive in the CBD
  • Travel: By Spirit (see BoatTravel)
  • Children: Yes - one toddler
  • Distros: Ubuntu and Debian

Interests: Paul is recovering sysadmin turned home dad who is interested in everything but never seems to produce anything. Interests include Ubuntu, Lua, Clutter, Education, Postgresql, Postfix, Mythtv, Gnome, Inkscape and more. Rachel is a teacher who tolerates OpenOffice and loves Inkscape and Cinelerra. She is a Tomboy Note addict.

We are from SA but we live closer to Mildura than Adelaide. Never been a LinuxSA meeting regular but happy to catch up.

Last LCA was 2004.

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