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Mitch Davis

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  • mjd-lca @ afork . com
  • Tel: 0411 532 516
  • IRC: CapnKernel
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  • Embedded systems
  • Embedded Linux!
  • Build system automation
  • Cross-platform software
  • Available now


  • Brewing beer
  • Learning Chinese
  • Hiking, cycling, XC-skiing

Wants to know

  • More about Linux support for SNA.

My company wants to build an embedded Linux product which can speaks IBM's SNA networking protocol over synchronous serial. What support does Linux have for SNA? Is it still supported?

My employer informs me I have been made redundant, so I no longer need to know this.

  • How to get Half-Life 1 running under Wine.

I'm trying to get Half-Life 1 running under Wine. I have solved the sound issues, but I still have problems with exceptions related to screen resolutions and depths.

Any help would be great!

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