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The following employers have listed themselves on the Jobs BOF board:


Google hiring in Sydney, particularly Security Engineers.

E-mail: hd at google dot com (who's at LCA)


Hiring World Wide, more then 30 open positions currently.

Email: davidm at canonical dot com


Wants 1-2 PHP programmers to add new features in a custom MVC CMS.

Talk to Zach Miller (lead programmer)

  • Email: jobs_webdev at abbywinters dot com
  • SMS: 0404 151 383 (only use this during the conference)

Job is in Melbourne/Fitzroy.

(Warning: Adult industry website)


Looking for a Linux and Open Source sales person.

Email: avi.miller at oracle dot com

Unofficially, some xen/virtualization jobs. (Australian recruiters)


SitePoint needs authors.

  • Python especially.
  • Webby sort of bent is ideal.
  • HTML/CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Good English required.
  • Massive editorial support.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • SitePoint also needs bloggers, including one who can write daily.

Email: raena dot armitage at sitepoint dot com, or mjm at sitepoint dot com

Muli Management

Looking for an ex-programmer who is looking for sales and marketing support.

  • Flexible
  • Small team
  • Wahroonga/Sydney
  • Project/Accounts/Risk management app on Ubuntu.


I wish IBM/OzLabs were hiring.
We may one day hire again.
Cherry blossoms fall.

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