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I'm heading over under my own steam to visit family in Tumbi Umbi (strange names in OZ) on the Central Coast of NSW before heading down to LCA. And then taking a roundabout (cheap) way to get home to Wellington again.

 Flight No DJ692  DEPARTING                            ARRIVING
                  Newcastle Domestic Terminal          Melbourne Virgin Blue T3 Terminal
                  1235hr (12:35pm), Sun 18 Jan 2009    1410hr (2:10pm), Sun 18 Jan 2009

 Flight No DJ372  DEPARTING                            ARRIVING
                  Melbourne Virgin Blue T3 Terminal    Hobart Domestic Airport
                  1520hr (3:20pm), Sun 18 Jan 2009     1635hr (4:35pm), Sun 18 Jan 2009

Looking like my departure flights might be changing .. trying to tweak things to get to see Neil Young in Sydney on the way home.

 Flight No DJ705  DEPARTING                            ARRIVING
                  Hobart Domestic Airport              Brisbane Domestic Terminal
                  1250hr (12:50pm), Sat 24 Jan 2009    1425hr (2:25pm), Sat 24 Jan 2009

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