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Share Your Experience: YouTube Integration In Games

Claus Höfele

Increasingly, YouTube integration is seen as a valuable feature addition to games. Spore, PixelJunk Eden, and Mainichi Issho are examples of current games that allow you to upload recorded video footage of your gameplay. But not only commercial games benefit. By hosting the videos, YouTube puts this feature in reach of indie game developers who might otherwise not be able to afford the server resources.

Get to know the practical steps to integrate YouTube into your game with the help of open source libraries.

11:40 - 12:05 (25m)

Claus Höfele is an Engine Programmer at Team Bondi, an independent game developer based in Sydney. In addition to working with game consoles, Claus has a long history in developing software for mobile devices and is the author of Mobile 3D Graphics: Learning 3D Graphics with the Java Micro Edition (ISBN 1-59863-292-2).

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