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Jeff Waugh: We are the translators!


Freedom makes almost no sense unless you're drowning in it. Even then it doesn't make a lot of sense. Probably because you're drowning, but mostly because it's totally abstract concept. But given that smart people have licked the bleeding edge of freedom in the past and survived [1], we can look to them for hints. In this messy dash through Epic Geek History, we learn tips, tricks and lessons of the freedom trade from some of the most famous losers of the 2nd millennium.

[1] Poetic license. Most of them died. Do not lick freedom at home.


By day, Jeff Waugh is a Principal Consultant with Waugh Partners, an Australian boutique consultancy specialising in Open Source strategy, industry development and research.

By night, he is an active participant in the GNOME project, promotes Software Freedom in beautiful, tiny parcels with the GNOME Mobile initiative, and plots the Open Source blogging explosion with Planet.

Waugh is an active member of the Free Software community, holding positions such as Chairman of the Annodex Foundation (2006), Director of the GNOME Foundation Board (2003-2004, 2006-present), GNOME Release Manager (2001-2005), committee member (2000-2001) and president (2002-2003) of the Sydney Linux Users’ Group, and member of the 2001 and 2007 organising teams. He was one of the founding employees of Canonical, engaged in Ubuntu business and community development during its extraordinary rise (2004-2006).

In 2005, Waugh won the Google/O’Reilly Open Source award for Best Evangelist, which recognised his work on GNOME and Ubuntu. In 2007, Jeff and his partner Pia were the first duo to receive a Pearcey Foundation award, recognising their pioneering achievement and contribution to the Australian ICT industry.

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  * Waugh Partners
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