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Freedom: FreedomFighting-HowDoWeConvinceThePowersThatBeToRelaxTheirGrip

Jessica Coates: Freedom Fighting - how do we convince the powers that be to relax their grip?


Over the last few years the free culture movement has moved out of the bedrooms and into the boardrooms. Open copyright models are increasingly of interest not just to enthusiasts, but to big name creators, government bodies and even corporate entities. It finally feels like we're just a hair's breadth away from widespread acceptance and take up, both in Australia and internationally. But there is still that tiny gap. How do we get people to cross the final divide from interested party to adopter?

Drawing on her experience as Project Manager of Creative Commons Australia, Jessica Coates will lead a group discussion on tactics for promoting greater adoption of open copyright in Australia. What tools are most useful for spreading the word? What projects have been successful in the past? How do we convince people to give more thought to their copyright decisions?


Jessica Coates is the Project Manager of the Creative Commons Clinic (QUT) and Creative Commons Australia.

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