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Arthur Sale: Beyond Open Source


The Open Source movement, of which Linux is a shining example, is a showcase of how accessibility makes for excellence. A parallel thrust is currently being conducted in the research institutions and the publishing industries of the world to create Open Access to the world’s publicly funded research. Arthur Sale will trace the origin of the movement, its economics and the forces holding it back, and where we are now, particularly in Australia. Open Access, or OA, has very many more active participants than Open Source, and many more nay-sayers, cautious Scrooges, and ignorant people. The struggle is titanic – the benefits equally large!


Arthur Sale is Professor of Computing (Research) at the University of Tasmania. He is also Research Coordinator and Graduate Research Coordinator of the School of Computing. He was previously Foundation Professor of Computer Science, Chairman of the Department of Computer Science for most of the period of 1974 to 1994, and Pro Vice-Chancellor from 1994 to 1999. He writes frequently on the subject of open access.

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