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Open Source Databases Mini-conf

What typically used to be known as the MySQL Miniconf, or the PostgreSQL Miniconf, shall now be known as the Open Source Databases Mini-conf. It will be the first of its kind at linux.conf.au, largely owing to the fact that there has been an explosion in the database world.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. PostgreSQL is said to be the world's most advanced open source database. Then we have SQLite, which is popular in the embedded scene. And we have JavaDB/Apache Derby that's popular in the Java scene. More importantly, we've also got new upcoming databases like CouchDB, and if you're into the "cloud" scene, there's SimpleDB and so on. Databases, are *big*.

I propose 2 days for this mini-conf.

Previous MySQL miniconfs had anywhere between 80-100 attendees, and when the Postgresql miniconf ran, it had about the same number. I expect a good 150 attendees, maybe more, for really popular talks.

We will require a projector. It would be great if we could also get video recording done.

This mini-conf will be co-run, in terms of getting the CfP by Stewart Smith and Colin Charles. It should be noted that both of us work in the Database Group at Sun Microsystems, so have a vested interest in Postgresql, MySQL and JavaDB/Apache Derby. We will also hone in on the skills of the likes of Josh Berkus with regards to PostgreSQL. This miniconf is bound to have a "team" for the CfP.