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Virtualization and Management

miniconf website: http://opensource.hp.com/LCA09/virtminiconf/

Call for Presentations is Now Open!

Please visit the Virtualization and Management Miniconf web site to submit a presentation proposal or register for the miniconf

The intent of this Miniconf is to provide a forum for attendees to explore all aspects of virtualization and management, and especially where the two bang together. Whether that be the underlying technology, application of the technology in their environment or new tools for managing and doing interesting and new things with virtualized servers.

Attendees can range from those developing virtualization technologies, using virtualization, managing virtualized and non virtualized environments, to wanting to learn more about virtualization.

The following is a list of potential topic ideas:

o Virtualization Technology:
Review and/or provide insight into the fundamentals of specific virtualization technologies, including new efforts for Linux containers. Explore virtualization development opportunities and ideas which take virtualization to new levels.

o Layered Tools and New Opportunities:
How can virtualized and non-virtualized environments be made manageable? What’s worked and not worked? What new ideas are cropping up for topics such as backup, high availability and disaster recovery?

o Virtualization Deployment and Use Experiences:
What’s the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly”? What has gone right? What has gone wrong? What have end users thought about the whole experience? Are folks meeting goals and saving money overall? What are the unexpected benefits?