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Free as in Freedom

miniconf website: http://freeasinfreedom.modernthings.org/

The phrase “Free as in Freedom” reveals the heart of the free software movement as the desire to create a better society by sharing information. In the case of software, that information is code. Prominent causes underway today have taken their cue from the free software movement: from the idea of improving society by sharing information. We have much to learn about each other's successes and failures.

The free culture movement seeks to freely share cultural works and reform copyright to advance the progress of “Science and useful Arts”, rather than big business' commercial interests. The open access movement seeks to remove scientific and academic literature from the exclusionary restraints of expensive journal houses. The One Laptop Per Child project marches with the call for open educational resources on one side, and progress in the cause of open hardware on the other.

This miniconf is about acknowledging the connections between the free software movement and the movements it has inspired, and learning about our various successes and setbacks. In short, it is about Sharing.

For more information please see http://freeasinfreedom.modernthings.org/.