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Implementing an OptIPortal; a massively scalable clustered display environment.

An OptIPortal can be viewed as a specific implementation of a
clustered tiled display i.e. a display in which the output from which a number of computers is combined to form a single desktop. Previous implementations have used Distributed Multihead X (DMX) to realise clustered display, however DMX is not suitable for the largest clustered displays now being constructed. The largest current OptIPortal consists of 70 2560x1600 pixel LCDs for a total of around 287 million pixels. OptIPortals are typically built using Linux Rocks, a derivative of Centos, although any Linux distribution can be used. Special window management systems are required for Optiortal environments. Currently, these are the Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) or Clustered GLX (CGLX). Applications must be adapted to run with either SAGE or CGLX.

The Access Grid (AG) is an advanced collaboration system, ideally suited to provide a collaboration mechanism between multiple OptIPortal sites. This talk will describe the components and construction of a typical OptIPortal, as well as using the AG as an example of the plroblems faced in integrating an “ordinary” application into the OptIPortal environment.

Chris Willing

Bio: Chris Willing

Chris built Australia's first Access Grid node in 2000; it was the first in the world to be based on Linux. Since then, in addition to occasional development contributions, he has packaged the AG Toolkit for a number of systems, currently Debian, FreeBSD, Slackware & Ubuntu. He also runs the Asia Pacific region (APAG) venue servers. Chris has made presentations at numerous AG Retreats over the years and last year was awarded a "best presentation" prize for his presentation about development of an enhanced DV/HDV capable version of vic, the video tool for the Access Grid. In 2008 he was responsible for construction of one of the first OptIPortals in Australia (at the University of Queensland), as well as a “portable” OptIPortal for the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet).