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Spring - A robotics and automation toolkit for research and industry

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
(CSIRO) has recently open sourced the robotics toolkit Spring. It is
used to control robots weighing from 3000t behemoths down to sub 1kg
feather weights, scaling from powerful multi-core processors to
lightweight embedded chips. Spring is used to control machines on the
ground, under the waves, and in the air.

The Spring toolkit has dual roles, to be an easy to use research
platform, and to also be an industrially robust platform for
commercial solutions. These competing roles provide for interesting
engineering tradeoffs.

The toolkit include modules for taking input from a wide variety of
sensors, a publish/subscribe event notification service for hooking
everything together, and higher level modules to direct the robot.

This presentation will cover the technical aspects of the toolkit, the
open sourcing journey, and the future directions of the toolkit. Most
importantly the various applications of the toolkit will be showcased.

Clinton Roy

Clinton is a software engineer based in Australia, he has been
fortunate enough to work with, and on, Open Source software for his
entire career.

Clinton has an interest in improving software quality through improved
engineering practices, focussing on design, testing and automation.