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Collaborative Video for Wikipedia

This talk will discuss the technical underpinnings and challenges of large-scale community engagement with audio/visual media assets, temporal metadata and collaborative video editing in wikis. This discussion will focus on a few wiki-video enabled sites and technologies which the presenter has developed and or is collaborating in developing. The metavid archive project started in early 2006 at University of California at Santa Cruz, hosts thousands of hours of public domain house and senate footage in free ogg theora format. The archive is powered by MetaVidWiki a free extension to MediaWiki (the software which powers Wikipedia). Metavid builds on xiph foundations open codecs and containers, Annodex's (open tools and standards for annotating and indexing networked media), SemanticMediaWiki an extension for storing and querying structured metadata in wikis and adds interfaces to mediawiki for collaborative transcription authoring annotation, semantic tagging and rich media querying. Kaltura provides an open source platform for collaborative video sequencing. Recently the presenter has started working with wikipedia and kaltura to enable more rich media engagement on wikipedia and "scale up" some of metavids features. The present state of that collaboration will be presented.

Michael Dale

Michael Dale is currently working with kaltura and wikimedia to bring rich collaborative media to wikipedia. Michael's previus work at the University of California focused on the conception and development of metavid; a wiki based media annotation and search system. Michael has been involved in open media adoption on the web, helps organize the FOMS (Foundations of Open Media Software) conference, is on the board of the annodex foundation, and is an advocate for open media support in web browsers.