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HW-Accelerated HD video playback under Linux

In this presentation we will show a media framework design that can
provide a standard way for hw-accelerated HD video decode
under Linux. We will present what we believe to be the first open source implementation on Intel 965GM graphics accelerator (as
found in many popular laptops like many models of the Thinkpad T61
which we will use for demonstration). We will discuss how a GPU can
accelerate HD media encoding, decoding and video post procession by taking over compute-intensive workloads from CPU and,
in order to achieve this,
we will suggest and discuss high level media programming language design for GPUs using assembly code as an example.

Zou Nanhai

Zou Nan hai is a senior software engineer in Intel Open Source Technology Center. He has been working on different open source project since he join Intel, include kernel bug fixing, server performance tuning , IA64 Kexec/Kdump, 3D mesa driver development, hardware accelerate video decoding on varies Intel platform. He lives in Shanghai China.