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OpenChange and KDE - bridging to Microsoft Exchange

Once upon a time, in a land called KDE, there lived a bunch of happy hackers. Every so often, they looked over to the neighbouring lands of the Evil Empire, and saw the masses who would come to the free and open lands of KDE, if only the masses could unshackle themselves from the chains of Microsoft Exchange. Then one day, a couple of hackers from the lands of KDE found a small enclave of hackers in a land called OpenChange. OpenChange was close to the kingdom of
Samba, where good king Tridge presided. Amongst the fine works of OpenChange and Samba, there was a big sign saying "Exchange compatibility this way". And the KDE hackers rejoiced, for it was good (if a little rough around the edges).

Come along to:
* understand how the introduction of Akonadi in KDE 4.1 enables the easy development of Groupware clients, without having to write all that tricky network code yourself;
* find out how OpenChange libraries allow access to Exchange servers using native protocols ("as seen in Outlook"); and
* see how Akonadi and OpenChange are used together to allow KDE4 groupware clients to access Exchange servers.

Brad Hards

Brad Hards is the Technical Director for Sigma Bravo, a small professional services company in Canberra. Brad is a volunteer developer for the KDE and OpenChange projects. Brad implemented the first version of the OpenChange resource for Akonadi in 2007. In 2008, Brad mentored Alan Alavarez who enhanced both OpenChange and KDE projects as part of the Google Summer of Code project.