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Your input is important to us!

After years of stagnation, the input subsystem of the X server is finally moving fast. A steady stream of changes has trickled into the X.Org repository over the last years. Some of these changes have already been released, others are in the queue. Unfortunately, many are barely known outside of X developer circles and little used by applications. However, with new input devices popping up at every corner (touch screens, the wiimote, etc.), knowing how to handle input devices flexibly becomes more and more important.

The seminar will start with a description of how the different configuration bits slot together, and which parts of the X server contribute to the event delivery. I will then present recent improvements in dealing with user input, from device hotplugging to the X Input Extension 2.0.

Peter Hutterer

Peter is the author of MPX, the modification of the X server to support multiple independent input devices. He now works for Red Hat and spends much of his time reading X server input code and weeping.