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Introducing the Re-Built Linux Desktop

For the last several years, the Linux desktop software stack has been subjected to considerable change. With the major planned rework behind us now, it's time to show the Linux community what we've done and start getting developers interested in how these changes will affect the kinds of desktop environments and applications they can build.

This talk will present the development history and current architecture of the core of the Linux Desktop, from the low-level device drivers, through the kernel management of GPU execution and memory objects. The changes effected within the Mesa OpenGL library and X Window System will be described and the final system demonstrated.

Finally, the talk will explore the implications for future desktop software development and provide details about how new ideas can be integrated into the existing environment.

Keith Packard

Keith Packard has been developing open source software since 1986, focusing on the X Window System since 1987, designing and implementing large parts of the current implementation. He is currently a Principal Engineer with Intel's Open Source Technology Center. Keith received a Usenix Lifetime Achievement award in 1999 and sits on the X.org foundation board.