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Displacing Active Directory - the first Samba4 deployments.

In this talk Andrew Bartlett will look at the challenges and
experiences from the first production deployments of Samba4, as an
Active Directory Domain Controller.

This talk will give a practical demonstration on how system
Administrators can now deploy Samba4 into their production
environments, thus doing it's small part in ridding the world of some
of Microsoft's dominance.

Active Directory and it's logon protocols are no longer the sole
preserve of proprietory software, with Samba4 providing the crutial
bridge between Windows desktops and the world of free software.

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew has been a member of the Samba Team since 2001, and has worked
on the Samba4 project since 2004. Andrew's development focus in on
Authentication systems (such as Kerberos) but he takes a keen interest
in all the pieces that make Samba4 an Active Directory domain
controller. He regularly speaks at the annual SambaXP conference in
Germany, and at the annual CIFS conference in San Jose.

Away from the computer Andrew prefers to be cycling or walking the
Australian Bush.