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Why Open Media Matters

"Why Open Media Matters" highlights patent issues that get in the way of free software, and ways of working to address these issues. Patent issues affect FLOSS distributions, as well as the end-user. This presentation identifies the problems and gives detail into legal and developmental investigations. FLOSS technologies, combined with legal power and research, enable us to clear the way for a completely open world.

Rob Savoye

Rob started working with GCC & GDB in the 1980s, joined Cygnus Support in the beginning, and has worked on many GNU project from GCC, GDB, newlib, autotools, and Cygwin, to various bits of GNU/Linux. Rob is also the primary author of libgloss, DejaGnu, GnuAE, PowerGuru, and lately Gnash. Rob was also the software architect of eCOS, and somehow wound up as a listed NASA inventor for work done for NASA Ames Research center.