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System Administration in a Large-Scale Linux Web-Hosting Environment

DreamHost is a rapidly-growing web hosting company located in Los
Angeles. It's an unusual company, not just because it's on the
Worldblue Top Ten Democratic Companies list, but also because the
entire infrastructure relies on Linux and Open Source technologies -
from its hosting servers to its central administration.

In this discussion, Terri Irving, a system administrator for
DreamHost, talks about the challenges of operating said
infrastructure, and how DreamHost not only conquers the day-to-day
dragons of the web hosting business, but also managed to build a fan

Topics will touch upon DreamHost history and hardware, but will focus
on the open source tools that make it all happen. Automation using
Perl is a key component of keeping everything running smoothly, as
well as the freedom to hack at Linux tools and Debian packages.

Terri Haber

Terri Irving is a System Administrator for DreamHost, an unique web hosting company located in Los Angeles, California. Terri has wrangled servers at DreamHost for over 3 years, and before that has worked in system administration and development for companies such as ICANN and Sony. She also enjoys playing with new gadgets and experimenting with new languages.