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Liberating content

The Swfdec project has as the most important goal to ensure access to the Flash content that exists in terabytes on the Internet in more than just watching it. It wants to provide a "View Source" button for Flash content. This talk will present the ways which the project chose to make this happen and the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving that goal. A focus will also be on common misconceptions about the ease of interoperability and on avoiding getting your content trapped in a closed world.

Benjamin Otte

Benjamin Otte has been the lead developer of the Swfdec project for the last two years. Since his entry into the Free Software world in 2002 he has continually tried to make computers more fun. Besides Swfdec, his success stories include co-maintaining GStreamer, working on GVfs and a high ranking on Ohloh. He considers himself one of the people that is GNOME.