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Crikey! Open sourcing the future of news

Crikey.com.au is arguably the most important independent news organisation in Australia - and one of the few that has been online from the outset.

Crikey began as an email newsletter for paying subscribers and is now in the throes of a fairly major technology and business overhaul which is transforming its website into an open-source based news and blog network. This involves retooling the business model to move from a paid subscription model to a free web model, as well as introducing web 2.0 tools to create a social news site using news aggregation and dissemination tools, as well as social networking tools.

This project will make Crikey Australia's first online news outlet dedicated to creating, aggregating and discussing news on the web. Pure news publishing isn't enough anymore - online readers expect to participate. Our aim is to be a hub for conversation about the news and current affairs of interest to Australian readers.

The talk would be from the perspective of the publication and the developer, providing insights into both ends of the project, the social and technical issues involved in the decision, project plan and development, and why/how Open Source contributed to its success. It should be of particular interest to developers who work in new media and publishing, as it will look at both the technology and business drivers for the project. You may be surprised at how differently the civilians in the process view the technology and tech decisions they face. :)

The speakers will be IT developer, Jeff Waugh, and Sarah Stokely, Crikey web editor and inhouse web project lead. Sarah is also the publisher of www.theopensourcereport.com.

Sarah Stokely

Sarah is a longtime tech journalist and editor. She's written for just about every Australian tech mag you can name, but is probably most proud of her two Atomic MPC cover stories. :)
She's now the web editor for www.crikey.com.au.
She's the publisher of www.theopensourcereport.com and the organiser of Melbourne Geek Girl Dinners.
She loves cats, long walks on the beach and her Squeee, sorry Eee PC. :)

Jeff Waugh