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Continuous Integration for PHP Projects

Continuous integration has been well established as a best practice for agile development. The key benefits of CI is being allowing teams to develop and integration code faster and with fewer errors. Most importantly, more failures can be caught and rectified before deployment. Unfortunately, CI for PHP has not been viable since build management in the traditional sense has typically not applied to dynamically typed, "web" languages

Enter phpUnderControl; a framework that runs on top Cruise Control and combines PHPUnit, PHPDocumentor and PHP_CodeSniffer to produce "builds" for PHP projects. phpUnderControl supports the calculation of metrics. phpUnderControl also allows functional user interface testing through PHPUnit's integration Selenium RC.

Ben's presentation will provide an overview of phpUnderControl and it's component packages, installation, build script configuration, interpreting results, and configuring messaging and alerts.

Ben Cornwell

About Ben Cornwell - Ben is a Melbourne-based open source developer. He works for Hitwise, chairs the Melbourne PHP User Group, and is a keen amateur cyclist.

About Hitwise - Hitwise tracks and reports on the browsing habits of 25 million Internet users and monitors the performance of over 1 million sites across 160+ different industries. Hitwise provides its 1,400 clients around the world with daily insights on how their customers interact with a broad range of websites.