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The Genderchangers Academy

I will give a presentation about the Genderchangers, are a bunch of women working with Free software and open hardware, but not necessarily formally trained in computer science or engineering. Our passion for wanting to understand and demystify technology comes from the fact that we find it fun, useful and essential for communication in today's world. We're autodidactic, so the tech skills we have acquired are DIY. This trait proves that one is motivated to learn but it can also be very lonely. While we all know everything can be found on the internet with the help of a search engine, it is a lot more inspiring to share information with peers.

There are three aspects to our mission: women, technology and the freedom of information. Firstly, we are struck by the fact that men and women learn and work so differently with technology. I can't say we complain, we've simply noted it and have started a project. Secondly, we like to tweak our hardware and software, get to know how it works and perhaps even mould it to our own tastes. Thirdly, for us there is no such thing as an "original" idea let alone being able to own it. Knowledge is context-sensitive and accumulated. It is absurd that the source can be hidden, made secret, or closed.

We also run events like the annual womens hack lab the /etc ecletic tech carnival- runing since 2001 [http://eclectictechcarnvial.org] We try to take an holistic approach to technology. There's more to technology than the latest specs (smaller, faster, cheaper). Who makes the gadgets, in what kind of circumstances, how much do they get paid, where are the resources mined, does the land get rehabilitated, how are the products recycled, and what are the physical and psychological effects of constant computer work on us the user?

nancy mauro-FLude

Nancy Mauro-Flude [1975 - *]

Artist working with experimental media inspired by the GNU/linux movement. Practice revolves around the unusual combinations of bricolage, metaphysics and Linux computing.

Recent graduate from Piet Zwart Institute of Media Design. Honorary Researcher at the School for Electronic Media, Slade School of Fine Art.. Founding member of Moddr_electronic tools lab @WORM Rotterdam, and developer of /etc Eclectic Tech Carnival, international women's hack lab.
A PhD Candidate at the electronic media department - Tasmanian University.
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