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Practical, efficient, fast, portable and safe File IO

File IO appears simple. You open a file, read (or write) data and then close. Sometimes you want more. Sometimes you want the data to be safe in case the machine crashes. Sometimes you're lazy and want to be able to easily store structured data. Sometimes you want to store lots of structured data and only update small portions of it. Your data may be compressable and you may need to secure it. You also want to be able to keep up with the fastest of disks and you just know that someday your program will need to be portable.

In this session we address these issues and offer practical solutions using the POSIX file APIs, sqlite, libmysqld, xml, direct io, sparse files, zlib, encryption libraries and what you're in for if you decide to port away from Linux.

Stewart Smith

By day Stewart Smith works for Sun Microsystems on MySQL Cluster.