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OLPC in Australia and the Pacific

There have been many successful implementations of the One Laptop Per Child project in Australia and across the Pacific, in disadvantaged and also typical regions. By the conference it will be 6 months into the worlds first 100% saturation of XOs in the country of Niue, where Pia rolled out the infrastructure and servers for the two schools there. There will also be some high profile Australian examples to discuss.

The talk will include lessons learnt, detailed information about the FOSS used, upcoming projects, community development and of course some great photos. There will also be some detailed discussion about community and how we can continue to grow the Australian community around this project.

Pia Waugh

Pia is a community leader both in Australia and internationally as a founding member and Director of OLPC Australia and President of Software Freedom International. She was also the President (then VP) of Linux Australia, and on the linux.conf.au 2007 organising team. She has spoken at Software Livre in Brazil, FOSS events in China, the Open Source World Conferences in Spain, the World Summit of Information Society (United Nations) in Switzerland, linux.conf.au in New Zealand and linux.conf.au, education au, Making Links, various TechGirls events and many more in Australia!

She is passionate about improving the world by getting great technologies to people who need them, and creating a well-connected global society where anyone can play and succeed.