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The Joy of Inkscape

The Joy of Inkscape
(moved to the Flexible Learning Space, University Centre, bldg 25)

Inkscape could well be the best open source, cross platform vector drawing program in the universe. It uses the W3C SVG standard as its native file format and has an active friendly developer and user community.

This tutorial is a hands on exploration of the core features of Inkscape, with a touch of archaeology to uncover some of the 'undiscoverable' ones too. Whether you are an Inkscape expert or beginner, you will get something out of this workshop as we explore different uses of the application to produce a range of graphic artifacts, from icons and logos to diagrams and simple page layouts.

Once we have explored the major capabilities of Inkscape, we will examine how to execute some common vector design techniques, such as sunbursts and grungey or floral detailing. We will ask the experts and artists in the room to tell us how they have been using Inkscape and break into smaller groups to share our collective knowledge.

To maximise the opportunity to learn and participate, attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop installed with the latest stable release of Inkscape AND A MOUSE or sit near someone who has. :)


Tutorial Preparation:

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin organised linux.conf.au in 2008, tickets for which sold out more than a month before the conference. Donna is the Executive Director of Creative Contingencies, an Australian company that specialises in customised web services, research and event management. In addition to this Donna is an active member of LinuxChix, LUV, Open Source Victoria, Open Source Industry of Australia (OSIA) and has been involved in running Melbourne's Software Freedom Day events. Donna was a board member of OSIA and ran as director for 2006-2008. She currently organises the Melbourne OSIA gatherings.

Donna uses Inkscape to produce web graphics, banners, posters and flyers for clients and open source community events such as Software Freedom Day, install fests, conferences and trade shows.